Fruit Kabobs

USDA Mixing Bowl

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  1. Add 1/3 banana, 1 strawberry sliced, 1 apple slice, 3 pineapple chunks, and 2 grapes on to a kabob stick.
  2. Use low-fat yogurt as dip.



1 pint strawberries
7 bananas
2 cans (20 ounces each) pineapple chunks, in 100% fruit juice
4 green apples
40 purple grapes
Low-fat yogurt


Popsicle Stick or Kabob Stick, Chopping Knife, Bowl

More About Strawberries

How to Select

Pick berries that are firm, plump and fragrant. Avoid bruised or shriveled berries.

How to Store

Fresh strawberries should be refrigerated and eaten within three to four days of purchase.

How to Prepare