Curried Potatoes

USDA Mixing Bowl
6 Servings

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1. Peel the onion, and chop it into small pieces.
2. Peel the potatoes, and chop them into 1 inch cubes.
3. Boil the potatoes in a medium saucepan until they are soft. Drain off the hot water.
4. Add ice cold water to cover the potatoes. Melt the butter on medium heat in a frying pan.
Cook the onion in the butter until it turns yellow.
5. Drain the water from the potatoes, and add them to the frying pan.
Stir and cook until they absorb the butter.

6. Add the broth, curry powder, and lemon juice. Cook until the potatoes have absorbed the broth.


Serve these flavorful potatoes with roasted chicken and a salad for a filling and tasty dinner.


¼ cup of margarine or butter

1 onion (small, finely chopped)
3 cups of potatoes (cubed)
¾ cup of chicken broth
½ tablespoon of curry powder
½ tablespoon of lemon juice


More About Potatoes

How to Select

Choose firm potatoes with smooth skin. Avoid potatoes that are shriveled, bruised, or have sprouts. Also avoid potatoes with any green coloring

How to Store

Store potatoes in a cool, dark, and dry place (not the refrigerator). Place them in a burlap bag or plastic bag with holes. When stored properly, potatoes can keep up to five weeks.

How to Prepare

Wash potatoes thoroughly before cooking.