October's Harvest of the Month is Corn 

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Reasons to Eat Corn

  • Corn contains several B vitamins, which are essential for supporting the body’s metabolism, producing energy and aiding the body in fighting disease and infection.
  • The fiber found in sweet corn helps provide fullness after meals, which can help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Selection & Storage

  • Purchase sweet corn with the husks still attached. Look for green-colored husks and lots of silk tassels coming from the top of the ear.
  • Store fresh corn in a cool location or in the refrigerator for up to three days
  • Keep a bag of corn in the freezer for last minute meal ideas.
  • When buying canned corn, look for low-sodium varieties.

Serving Ideas

  • Corn can be creamed, made into chowder, boiled or roasted.
  • Add corn to your favorite salad recipes using fresh, frozen, or canned corn.
  • Stuff corn and black beans into whole wheat pita pockets for a healthy sandwich.

Where to find in New York State

October is a great time to buy local New York State corn. Visit our Food Near You page to find a farmers' market where your SNAP card is welcomed.

Attention Agencies & Schools!

If you or someone you know would be interested in bringing an educator to your school, agency or organization contact North Country Eat Smart NY at 1-844-3MY-ESNY.

*Adapted from California Harvest of the Month

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