August's Harvest of the Month is Pears

Reasons to Eat Pears

  • Excellent source of Vitamin C. This vitamin helps the body heal cuts and wounds and lower the risk of infection
  • High in Fiber. Fiber helps with healthy digestion and keeps us feeling full.


  • Bartlett
  • Red Bartlett
  • Green Anjou
  • Red Anjou
  • Bosc

Selection & Storage

  • Look for smooth, bright, and colorful pears with no bruises or damage.
  • To keep sliced pears from turning brown, dip them into a mixture of one tablespoon 100% apple juice and one cup water.

Here’s what you need to do to ripen your pears:

  • Pears need to ripen at room temperature, so don’t refrigerate an unripe pear!
  • Test for ripeness by pressing gently near the stem. If it feels soft, it is ready to eat.
  • To ripen a pear, place on countertop, in a bowl, or in a paper bag. If placed near apples, or bananas pears will ripen faster.

Serving Ideas

  • Enjoy a whole pear for an afternoon snack
  • Pear Roll-Ups: Place pears, turkey, tomatoes, and lettuce in a tortilla, and roll up for a quick or on-the-go lunch!
  • Bake pears in oven and add cinnamon for a sweet dessert.
  • Peel and dice pears for a refreshing summer salsa or add to any green salad.
  • Pear French Fries: slice firm pears into french fry shapes. Serve these healthy treats raw with peanut butter

Where to find in New York State

August is a great time to buy local New York State Pears. Visit our Food Near You page to find a farm market where your SNAP card is welcomed.

Attend a Harvest of the Month Workshop near you!

Attention Agencies & Schools!

If you or someone you know would be interested in bringing an educator to your school, agency or organization contact North Country Eat Smart NY at 1-844-3MY-ESNY. See our Harvest of the Month Community Newsletter for details

*Adapted from California Harvest of the Month

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