2016 Youth FEAST

"While I was visiting Brushton-Moira Central School, one of the teacher’s aids came up to me, and told me she made the quick bean dip for all of the staff for their after school meeting. She explained how she hadn’t ate beans in over 30 years,until recently. Sometimes I forget that teachers too can benefit from my lessons".

Eat Smart Nutrition educator Elisabeth Marchbanks

Oswego County

Nutrition Educator Shannon Sorli

Clinton County

“About three months ago I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Since that time, I have not had a soda or anything sweet and I am down a bit over 22 pounds. After participating in the Eat Smart NY Program, I have learned a lot about nutrition and I can’t wait to implement it in changing my eating habits. A big thank you to Maureen at Cornell Cooperative Extension for helping further my education in health and nutrition.”

Dicky Nowlin, Jr.

Jefferson County

All over our North Country Region, Price Chopper shoppers were stopping to visit with our educators and RAISING THEIR MITT TO COMMIT to making healthier food choices for their families. Laura Warlick and daughter Nikki pictured here.


Oneida County

Eat Smart NY Educator Maureen was recently at Starbuck Elementary in the Watertown City School District to teach about the vegetable of the month...Cabbage! She brought in green cabbage, red cabbage, and Napa cabbage and talked about the similarities and differences of each and the healthy benefits of eating it! The class got to play the game "Red Cabbage, Green Cabbage" aka "Red Light, Green Light."The class room teacher noted, we really enjoy when Ms. Maureen comes into our classroom!”

Starbuck Elementary School

Jefferson County

ESNY at Progressive Agriculture Safety Days

Hannah Pitcher

Oswego County

Drink water!" It doesn't have sugar!"- Slogan created by kindergartner at North Elementary when helping to create a commercial advertising the benefits of water

Eat smart NY

Jefferson County

"Even with the heat wave we had tons of fun at the fair! We had many children and families come up and match the Go, Slow, Whoa food items throughout the day".

Rachel Verdoliva

Oswego County

Students at Bellville Henderson Summer Program had a blast making fruit smoothies. Several students mentioned that they were going to ask their parents to go shopping for the ingredients.

Mariana Hiotis

Jefferson County

"Oh my gosh I can't believe I got food from every food group for under $6! I'm a grandmother of 6 children and I learned something today!"

Brenda Myers

Jefferson County

Thank you Remsen Elementary School for letting Eat Smart NY teach your kids - so much fun...and watching their faces as we turned a spaghetti squash into noodles was priceless! The best part? They couldn't believe they actually liked spaghetti squash!

N. Country Region Eat Smart NY

Oneida County

At Farm Day Camp the kids completed the obstacle course that was created to go along with Star Wars Week. The kids had so much fun learning about the importance of exercise while having a good time with friends. The kids absolutely loved the course and wished there would be one every week at camp!

Misty Cisneros

St. Lawrence County