Eat Smart New York Resources






  • WKTV Newstalk

    Check back monthly for our ESNY educator Brandon at WKTV Utica! Here is Novembers Newstalk Harvest of the month presentation!       Read more »
  • Oneida County Public Market

    Buy fresh local produce all winter long! CLICK HERE for dates and hours of operation for Oneida county public market!   Read more »
  • Waterville Central School

    November Harvest of the month Veggie Super Heroes made by the 5th and 6th grade students at Waterville central school! They were very excited to see our educator Barb and made their own super hero. They chose the vegetables they… Read more »
  • Oneida County DSS Garden

    In the News for this summer is Oneida county DSS Garden! If you receive SNAP, WIC, or your children attend Head Start, or receive FREE or reduced price lunches, you should join us at Oneida County DSS because you are… Read more »