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Eat Smart NY – North Country Region

  • Pulaski Community Cupboard

    The dietary guidelines provides science based advice for making food choices that promote good health and a healthy weight and prevent disease! ESNY will be at Pulaski Community cupboard presenting our Harvest of the month cabbage lesson.

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  • Catholic Charities of Fulton

    Everything you eat and drink matters over time. The right mix can help you be healthier now and in the future. Start with small changes to make healthier choices you can enjoy with us at Catholic Charities of Fulton!

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  • Dunham Public Library

    Want to learn more about how to eat healthy on a budget and also how much physical activity you need each week? Come join us at Dunham Public Library. We will also be demonstrating how to prepare a cranberry walnut coleslaw!

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  • Copenhagen United Church

    Senior meal site. Reservation required. Call 376-5313

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  • Catholic Charities MacSherry Parish Center

  • Paytner Senior Center

    Sr. Meal Site. Reservations required. Call (315) 686-4400

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  • Thea Bowman Food Pantry

  • Kuyahoora Food Pantry

  • North Utica Community Center

  • Galinski Housing Complex

  • Utica Salvation Army

  • Watertown Salvation Army Soup Kitchen

  • Lon Towers Housing Complex

  • Skyline Apartments

  • Harris Courts Senior Meal Site

    Senior Meal Site. Reservations required. Call (315) 376-5313

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