If you receive SNAP, WIC, or your children attend Head Start, or receive FREE or reduced price lunches, you should join us for our food tastings and demonstrations!


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Eat Smart NY – North Country Region

  • VEM Food pantry

    If you could choose any fruit or vegetable to eat everyday what would they be? Join us at VEM food pantry for some great advice about disease prevention with increasing your fruits and vegetables! We will also be demonstrating a winter Squash black bean and chili.

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  • Utica WIC Clinic

    Learn how to cook spaghetti squash with us as we present at Utica WIC about meal planning and shopping tips! You will leave with new meal planning ideas, and tips to save money at the grocery store.

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  • Urban Mission-Healthy Home Cooking Class

    If you would like to learn more about meal planning and saving money at the grocery store, join us at the Urban Mission in Watertown  New York. We will also be demonstrating how to make a winter squash black bean chili.

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  • Dunham Public Library

    How often do you have a full sit down meal at home? Some healthy foods on hand can make eating a balanced diet throughout the day easier. Join us at Dunham public library for our harvest of the month presentation and spaghetti squash food demonstration.

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  • Oneida County Public Market

  • Kirkland senior center

    What is a recent personal goal you have set or reached? What are some healthy steps that you fit into your daily routine that you would like to share? Come join us at Kirkland Senior Center for some great preventative measures you can take to keep yourself healthy !

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  • London Towers Housing Complex

    Squash is a native vegetable to America since 8,000 BC. Squash may be baked, roasted, sauteed, boiled or microwaved! We will be at London Towers Housing complex presenting our harvest of the month squash workshop!

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  • Skyline Apartments

    If you could choose any fruit or vegetable to eat every day, what would you choose? This ESNY presentation will help you eat more fruits and vegetables and why its important to have these in your day!

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