If you receive SNAP, WIC, or your children attend Head Start, or receive FREE or reduced price lunches, you should join us for our food tastings and demonstrations!


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Eat Smart NY – North Country Region

  • Bill Gavin Food Pantry

    Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables is beneficial and important. Most vegetables and fruits are naturally low in fat and calories. Join ESNY at Bill Gavin food pantry for our Harvest of the month carrot presentation and carrot and raisin food demonstration

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  • Watertown Urban Mission

    Join ESNY at Watertown Urban mission for a healthy home cooking class! We will be demonstrating how to prepare a baked lentils casserole from the USDA mixing bowl!

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  • Cape Vincent Food Pantry

    Food safety is extremely important and can be a matter of getting sick from foods and maintaining a clean kitchen and cooking area. We will be presenting at Cape Vincent food pantry sharing this information and also will be demonstrating a carrot raisin salad

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  • Thea Bowman

    Beans are a super food. They actually are a vegetable and a protein! The fiber in beans helps us to stay regular and keeps us full! If you would like to learn more about our Harvest of the month presentation on beans, join us at Thea Bowman for great tips and also a Pinto bean dip food demonstration.

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  • Your Bargain Grocer

    Have you ever tried beans? Do you like beans? Maybe you never had the opportunity to try or like them. Join us at Your Bargain Grocer. We will be demonstrating a Pinto bean dip for our April Harvest of the month vegetable!

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  • St. Mary’s Catholic Church-Food Pantry

    Reading nutrition facts labels can make it easier for you to make more informed choices that can help you lead a healthy life. Join ESNY at St. Mary's Catholic Church for these tips and more! We will also be demonstrating lentil tacos.

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  • Ilion Free Library

  • V.E.M. Food Pantry of Carthage

  • McManus Hotel

    Senior Meal Site. Reservations required. Call (315) 348-8542

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  • Kuyahoora Food Pantry

  • North Utica Community Center

  • Bill Gavin Food Pantry

  • Salvation Army Soup Kitchen-Herkimer

  • Seeds of Hope Food Pantry

  • Skyline Apartments