A HEALTHY FOOD DRIVE- Food pantries fill the gap for families that struggle to make ends meet, but many of the donations they typically receive are high in sugar, fat, sodium, and calories, and often lack other important nutrients. This can be especially hard on children and those living with chronic disease.

A healthy food drive emphasizes more nutritious foods such as:

  1. brown rice
  2. low-sodium canned veggies
  3. nuts and seeds
  4. 100% fruit juice

It’s easy to get started and we provide all the materials you will need free-of-charge.

We have all the resources you need and can provide you with

  • food donation bags
  • healthy shopping lists
  • food collection bin posters
  • promotional flyers
  • promotional resources
  • publicity

All of the materials are free, compliments of the North Country Eat Smart New York Program.In return, we ask for basic information about your food drive, including the types of food collected.

To Kick off your HEALTHY FOOD DRIVE contact Mallory Burnham at 315-736-3394 ext 126