• Sliced cucumber

    Cucumber yogurt dip

    Cucumber yogurt dip is a great snack that kids can help you prepare! https://youtu.be/XrQtaL8Wm9E Read more »
  • apples

    Peanut butter apple wrap

    Try this great recipe to do with children! This peanut butter apple wrap is a great snack. If peanut allergies are a concern, use another type of butter or something else you enjoy as a substitute. https://youtu.be/jI1ByxdBb8M   Read more »
  • grilled chicken

    Charger Wrap

    This Charger Wrap is an awesome wrap packed with flavor, vitamins and protein! https://youtu.be/VTF0TCMAamY Read more »
  • basket of carrots, beets, and fennel

    Eating fruits and veggies

    USDA Fruit and veggie contest shows how kids are going to add more fruits and vegetables to their diet! https://youtu.be/EF50oyEu6Hg Read more »
  • kids by waterfront jumping

    Fruit and veggie Pokey

    Fruit and veggies pokey was made by Notre Dame catholic school girls in Kansas! https://youtu.be/wWGO_8p1dxI   Read more »
  • youth outside at sunset dancing

    Fruit Veggie Swag

    The fruit veggie swag is a music video showcasing the delicious and healthy ways you can enjoy fruits and vegetables! https://youtu.be/loANI3tlPUg   Read more »